PAX-it! Software Comes Standard with Powerful Image Processing Routines for your Image Manipulation

The software includes the following processing functions to help in the presentation of images for reports. If these functions are used they will be captured by the Audit trail of the extended security module and therefore adhering to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. A validation of this process within a routine would need to be validated before a routine could be used on a live sample. If this is not done the integrity of the data can be questioned.

Mason Technology
Electronic records and signatures to keep your assets secure, complete with authentication tools and alertsDetailed audit trails that track all digital manipulations, and provide a searchable report of all changesAll image files are retained by the system. If the user saves a newer version of an image, it is assigned as a copy of this image and does not overwrite the original data.Administrative tools including unique logins and user permissions

Every copy of PAX-it! comes standard with powerful image processing routines for your image manipulation

The features below provide an ease of use guaranteed to significantly improve your workflow. As stated above use of these functions will be captured in an Audit trail.

Image fusion is the perfect tool for those samples that are too thick to get entirely focused. PAX-it! will allow you to grab several images, focusing on different planes through the sample. The images can then be combined into one evenly focused image.

This feature is great for reporting. Why show a peer, a customer or your boss an unevenly focused image, when you can print, present, or email an image that is sharp from edge to edge?

Have dust in your optical path that should not be included in your analysis? Have uneven illumination on your samples? These types of issues can be overcome by subtracting the background from your images. PAXcam has live background subtraction available, and PAX-it! software allows background subtraction from captured images.

Combine multiple images into one. For example red, green, and blue fluorescence images taken separately can be merged into one view to see the relationship between structures. Users can adjust the level of ‘transparency’ of the different images used in the blending operation. Image blending is also useful for overlaying one image onto another for comparison, including controls for X,Y and rotation alignments between the two images.

Does your samples include bright or reflective areas as well as dark or shadowed portions? Using our High Dynamic Range (HDR) tool, images may be captured at various exposure levels and then blended into a final image with detail throughout the range of exposures. This powerful feature is available directly in the PAXcam interface, where the collection and processing of the images can occur automatically, resulting in a perfectly exposed final image with the click of a button. In addition, the PAX-it! software allows images captured at various exposures to be blended using HDR, to produce a similar effect from after image capture and storage.

PAXcam includes tools for capturing time lapse sequences of images automatically for our users. Just set the time interval and time span, and let PAXcam do the rest. When the series of time lapse images (or any other image series) is accessed in the PAX-it! software, they may be combined into an AVI video clip for playback. PAX-it! tools include the incorporation of annotations and edits into the video clip.

Companies who rely on PAX-it!:

Merck, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
ExonMobil, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Pfizer, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Medtronic, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Abbott, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
NASA, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Firestone, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Bristol-Myers Squibb, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Lucent Technologies, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
GE Imagination at Work
Texaco, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Hewlett Packard, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Procter and Gamble, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Dupont, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World

As the principal distributor for PAX-it! in the UK and Irish market, Mason Technology can advise and install the compliant software in your business. Get in touch with one of our team for further information on how PAX-it! can benefit your organisation.


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