The PAX-it! Image Analysis Software Module Allows the Laboratory Automate their Measurement Applications

Multiple measurements, as described in the measurement section above, can be made available at the click of the button on all particles within the image. This can be enhanced further by automation which is discussed under Microscope applications. This offers a huge advantage to the laboratory as it frees up operator time and in addition, improves the overall statistically accurate measurements by removing the possibility of human interpretation. This can all be generated and once validated will also be compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

PAX-it! Image Analysis Software has built  in flexibility, allowing the user to define the specifics of the analysis using an understandable wizard format. This is a user-friendly function that allows the user build a routine that can be assigned in the future with the same settings. This setup would be linked to an SOP so that there is sign off at multiple levels to authorise the use of the routine. This would typically require evaluation and a comparison to the original method before it can be used on live batches. Once these analysis routines are defined, they may be saved as a stored routine, and applied to other images with the click of a button.

Materials Science labs will benefit from specific routines included in the image analysis package, such as coating thickness detection, porosity analysis, nodularity analysis, ferrite-pearlite calculations, grainsizing, flake size distribution, and more.  Specify any of these analyses according to your lab’s needs, and even design your own routine for area fractions or detection of objects via threshold, to customize your data collection and reporting.

Image Analysis Mason Technology

Automatically Analyse Your Images

PAX-it! Image Analysis Tools can use density, colour, shape factors, and size filters to detect and sort objects or areas within your images.  Filters may be applied to disregard objects of certain shapes or sizes, or to split the results into bins related to specific measurements.

Sort, Store, and Share your Data

All image measurements are displayed on-screen in an easy to read table, with summary statistics and graphs  are also available for display. The image analysis data can be exported directly to Microsoft Word®, or Excel® using the PAX-it! report generator.  Report templates are customisable, allowing results to be displayed in a variety of ways including tables, summary stats, graphs, and more.  By incorporating the annotated image or images into the report, including an indication on the image as to where the measurements were taken, the reader has a full picture of the process.

PAX-it!’s intelligent software, combined with easy-to-use wizards, the extended software module, database backup by the in-house IT department and re-usable saved settings will increase productivity while also answering auditor’s questions in relation to the Data Integrity generated by the software by adhering to the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

Companies who rely on PAX-it!:

Merck, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
ExonMobil, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Pfizer, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Medtronic, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Abbott, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
NASA, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Firestone, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Bristol-Myers Squibb, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Lucent Technologies, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
GE Imagination at Work
Texaco, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Hewlett Packard, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Procter and Gamble, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Dupont, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World

As the principal distributor for PAX-it! in the UK and Irish market, Mason Technology can advise and install the compliant software in your business. Get in touch with one of our team for further information on how PAX-it! can benefit your organisation.


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