PAXcam Incorporates a Choice of Digital Cameras and Simple Acquisition Software

PAXcam incorporates a choice of digital cameras and simple acquisition software, the camera should be chosen to match the application. PAX-it! software can be added to allow additional features as outlined in the PAX-it! software.

The camera range offers solutions for routine colour imaging to cooled cameras that reduce noise caused by low-light applications. Frames per second can achieve 170 with the PAXcam2u3 while also displaying at 2.2 megapixel. If the resolution is important the PAXcam ARC+ might be the best choice with 32 megapixels.

The bundles all include the same software while the camera is supplied to suit the application. If the end-user is confident in making this choice the list of cameras is detailed below. The team at Mason Technology are always available to assist you in the choice of camera. Please use the Contact tab  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

PAXCAM Mason Technology
Electronic records and signatures to keep your assets secure, complete with authentication tools and alertsDetailed audit trails that track all digital manipulations, and provide a searchable report of all changesAll image files are retained by the system. If the user saves a newer version of an image, it is assigned as a copy of this image and does not overwrite the original data.Administrative tools including unique logins and user permissions

 There are many options of cameras and software packages available:

PAX-it Microscope imaging software is unique and the easiest way to keep encrypted records on all image processes.

  • PAXcam is a fully integrated solution with microscope camera and PAX-it, the top bundled microscopic imaging software for managing your imaging workflow.
  • PAXcam utilises standard USB 2.0 and USB3 interfaces. This results in high frame rate, smooth, live colour preview display.
  • PAXcam is excellent for microscopy, be it brightfield, polarized light, reflected or transmitted light, Nomarski DIC or macro imaging applications. To see examples of PAXcam image quality,
  • Standard C-Mount means that connecting to any metallograph, microscope, or stereo zoom microscope is simple. Macro lens setups are also supported!
  • Superior colour rendition with simple automatic and manual white balance controls.
  • PAXcam leads the industry with the unique capability to create unique customisable image overlays and video text overlays, for measurement, reference, alignment, GO/No-GO decisions, or comparison to a live preview image.
  • Automatic exposure & Auto White Balance functions, along with storage of user presets for improved workflow.
  • PAXcam captures high resolution images or AVI full-motion video files, which can all be collected and databased PAX-it!’s easy-to-use software.
  • Multiple models available. Select from the PAXcam family listed above.

In addition to the features outlined above, there is also the option to upgrade to the PAX-it software bundles which offer additional features that you might require for specific applications. We are happy to assist you to match your applications to the bundles listed below:

Microscope Camera ModelPAX-itPAX-it with Basic MeasurementPAX-it with Image AnalysisPAX-it with Basic Measurement & Live MeasurementPAX-it with Image Analysis & Live Measurement
PAXcam2+P2P-24P2P -24M1P2P-24M3P2P-24L1P2P-24L3
PAXcam1+P1P-24P1P -24M1P1P-24M3P1P-24L1P1P-24L3

Companies who rely on PAX-it!:

Merck, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
ExonMobil, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Pfizer, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Medtronic, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Abbott, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
NASA, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Firestone, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Bristol-Myers Squibb, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Lucent Technologies, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
GE Imagination at Work
Texaco, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Hewlett Packard, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Procter and Gamble, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World
Dupont, PAX-it - Trusted by Companies Around the World

As the principal distributor for PAX-it! in the UK and Irish market, Mason Technology can advise and install the compliant software in your business. Get in touch with one of our team for further information on how PAX-it! can benefit your organisation.