The Xvivo Incubation System is the first cell incubation system designed for cells instead of people.   It is the only cell incubation and processing system that is designed from the group up for cells.  Cytocentric-by-design, it by-passes all the handicaps inherent in conventional equipment designed for people and offers new unprecedented abilities.

Conventional incubators and hoods haven’t changed in decades. They are limited in ability. They were designed for people, not cells. Now a radical new alternative type of equipment is available for manipulating and growing cells. It is unlike any other equipment.

The Xvivo System is the first system designed to go beyond the ordinary needs of people and specifically address the advanced needs of cells.

Better for your cells. Better for you.


CLOSED HOODS with integrated incubation chambers are the key design feature. Incubators open only into aseptic space. Contamination risk is dramatically lower. Hood is also controlled with all cell parameters, same as incubator. When cells are removed from the incubator, they experience no disruption in temperature or CO2, pH, O2, etc. Technicians work comfortably in soft flexible clear plastic gloved windows, isolated from cells.

CLOSED “LAB BENCH” end view looking down through several interconnected Xvivo processing chambers. Processing and manipulating cells, whether manually or automatically, is done the same way as an open lab bench or inside conventional open BSL hood. Difference is superior conditions for cells in Xvivo System

Xvivo System can grow with you. Modularity allows you to invest in just what you need now, and then add to it later when your needs change or expand.

Call one of our team today for further information or to discuss your requirements.

Call one of our team today for further information or to discuss your requirements.


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