I-Glove – Incubator Glove Box
The I-Glove is a cytocentric accessory for substantially upgrading conventional incubators with full time O2/CO2 optimisation, full time protection, physiologic simulatin, and accountability.  Your incubator is installed inside, immersed in an aspectic O2/CO2 optimised atmosphere.  When cells are removed from the incubator and handled inside the I-Glove, there is no change in O2 or CO2.  There is also no danger of contamination from the technician or room air.  Any O2 level can be controlled, from as low as 0.1% to as high as 30%, which covers the physiologic range, and the pathophysiologic cell hypoxia range.

C-Shuttle – Glove Box
The C-Shuttle Glove Box is the most basic and economical option for handling cells under controlled O2 and/or Co2.  Cells can be ‘shuttled’ back and forth to this glove box from remote incubators inside closed subchambers without disturbing O2 and/or Co2.  Once inside a C-Shuttle Glove Box with identical O2 and/or CO2 concentrations, the subchamber is opened and cells removed and handled with no disturbance in O2 and/or CO2.  Cells are then put back inside the subchamber and shuttled back to the host incubator for incubation, for full time optimisation.

C-Chamber – Incubator Subchamber
C-Chambers are designed to fit righ inside your existing incubator.  C-Chambers provide practical, controlled and isolated atmospheres for cell cultures  C-Chambers may also be used for protected, uninterrupted transport for cells.

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