OxyCycler – CO and NO Subchamber Culture systems.

CO and NO are both important gasotransmitters with a wide variety of functions. The GT4181CN makes it possible to study them simultaneously without the complications of chemical donors. There is no other tool available that covers as wide a range of physiologic conditions in vitro.

OxyCycler GT4181C – CO Subchamber Culture System
CO is known to be a gasotransmitter involved in cell signalling. This model makes the complex process of controlling CO in vitro easier and reproducible. The automated control lets you set up your experiment, then let it run while you work elsewhere. The PC interface graphs all exposures and logs what conditions you cells were exposed to.

OxyCycler GT4181N – NO Subchamber Culture System.
This model makes working with the gasotransmitter NO much easier than traditional methods.  By elimating the use of NO donors and work with NO directly.  It enables you to create reproducible exposures and review data logs to eliminate all guesswork with NO experiments.

OxyCycler GT41 – Gasotransmitter Ready O2/CO2 Subchamber Culture System
This base controller creates any change in oxygen and/or carbon dioxide concentration.  Data logging can be used for validation as research progresses.

OxyCycler C42 – Dynamic O2/CO2 Subchamber Controller
The C42 is a unique dual channel/dual gas controller for incubators and C-Chambers.  Controlling O2 and CO2 on independently programmable channels offers optimum control.  No other instrument offers better simulation of dynamic conditions.

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