Microscopes Ergonomics


How to improve your workstation


Have you experienced pain or injury to the neck, wrists, back, shoulders, and arms? This could be due to poor ergonomic posture while operating a microscope. Eye-strain, leg, and foot discomfort have also been documented with long-term microscope use due to the unusual position microscope users must assume.









Here we will explore proper posture for microscope observations and demonstrate how new ergonomic microscope designs can lead to a reduction of associated musculoskeletal disorders.








Posture Perfect


          1. Adjust the sitting height so that both feet are firmly on the floor/footrest

          2. Back is in the natural S curve shape.  Adjust the chair to mirror this position and give extra support.

          3. Place forearms on ergonomic pads or on the bench in the 90⁰ angle for support.

          This decreases pressure on the vertebrae and lessens activity to the back muscles.

          4. Choose the proper distance from the table.

          5. Adjust the height of the binocular head at which you can look through the ocular aperture.



Upgrading your microscope


Tilting Heads & Eye level risers
Tilting heads and eye level risers can be added to old existing microscopes to put the operator in the correct position.
















Ergo Grips





At a low cost ergo grips that are missing can be replaced to improve the force required to navigate around the sample.


Upgrading your Microscope


Ergonomic Motorised Stage






Motorised stages can be retrofitted onto almost all microscope brands. The controllers ergonomic design offers directional control in the X and Y axes using the trackball which can solve wrist pain usually caused from moving a manual stage in the X and Y positions. It also has an integrated linear measuring system for highest accuracy.

Upgrading your Microscope

Knob Extension for XY Controls










This extends the XY controls of the microscope so that the operator can rest their hands on the bench while navigating the slide.


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